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Fusion Ebony

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Product Videos

  • Eightarc Fusion Ebony Professional Joystick (Fightstick)

Product Description

  • 360, PS3, PC compatible
  • Sanwa JLF joystick
  • Square restrictor gate
  • 8 Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons
  • Home, Turbo, Select, Start mini buttons
  • LED indicators for player, Turbo
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Matte finish
  • Smooth curvature wrist rest
  • USB cord compartment
  • USB cord length 8’ 2”
  • Headphone jack, headphones
  • Rubber feet
  • Black felt bottom
  • 9.5 lbs.
  • 16” x 10” x 2.5” joystick dimensions

Warranty Information

90 Day Warranty

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  1. Awesome

    Posted by Harvinder on 10th Apr 2014

    I have had a SF4 TE stick for a year and now this stick just fells and plays awesome. Definitely recommended if looking for something that can be easily compared to a TE stick

  2. Awesome stick!

    Posted by shE Honda on 4th Apr 2014

    I love this stick. Played on a SF4 TE stick before and thought that was great. Then I played on my friends Qanba Q4, and decided it was much better. Played on it for a few weeks, and needed to get my own. Found the fusion and opted for the upgrade. It is fantastic! The buttons are like air and the stick responds to everything. Gonna take it to Texas Showdown this weekend. So hype!!

  3. Verry nice stick

    Posted by Joel on 19th Mar 2014

    From playing fighting games for about 7 months now on a key board where inputs killed each other so can i say the Fusion Ebony is werry nice to play and feels really good now I just have to get muscle menory for the stick for all my inputs and I had no probs of importing it to Sweden no damge on it

  4. First arcadestick

    Posted by Pal on 30th Jan 2014

    Transitioning from a PC keyboard to my first arcade stick. After lots of time spent digging out info on forums i have no regrets. I can only recommend it to PC fighters out there!
    The buttons are very responsive. The case is very comfortable even after playing for a few hours straight. The home/start button is a non issue i don't see how can anyone accidentally push them. The joystick will need some time getting used to, but just after 2 days i can do consistent combos with Oni in street fighter.
    The out of the box mod was my main selling point as i tend to play at my friends who has his games on his xbox and i'm not a fan of the controller there.
    If i ever going to buy another stick it will be a 100% an eightarc again!

  5. Highly recommended

    Posted by Louis on 28th Jan 2014

    I am new to arcade sticks and the fighting scene in general. After inquiry about different sticks, this seemed like the obvious choice. It's dual-modded out of the box and extremely well built. There is a learning curve involved but you get used to it. If you are a new player looking to transition to arcade sticks, the fusion model is a fantastic choice for the price.

  6. Simply the best

    Posted by Antonio Rodriguez Cabrales on 27th Jan 2014

    i just bought this stick, and it´s awesome!

  7. Amazing Stick!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2014

    Everything about this stick feels right. The weight is nice and heavy so it rests comfortably in your lap. Changing out buttons was simple and painless. It's very responsive (especially coming from my last stick) in terms of input. The aesthetics are simple and effective. A solid purchase! Very satisfied with this item!

  8. The best stick you will ever own

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Nov 2013

    My review for this product is very positive. It has everything a tournament player is going to need. I really hope that you guys keep making sticks for the future consoles and make it PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360/PS3/PC compatible. Us tournament players need the variety as there is a wide spread of gametypes across all systems.

  9. My First arcadestick

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Oct 2013

    Really good arcade stick. The only things I don't like about it is sometimes it hard to tell when turbo is on or off, and the cord is on the side of the stick not in the front.

  10. Review for Eightarc Ebony Fusion

    Posted by Chris Nurczyk @slayereyez on 11th Sep 2013

    Putting a good rating on a product doesn’t necessarily make it good. I have searched the web high and low for info pertaining to arcade stick manufactures, makes, models. I am an avid fighting game enthusiast and tournament stream viewer (monster). Watching any and all fighting games that have a tournament/competitive scene and following the players that consistently make top 8 and or players who I genuinely enjoy there gameplay/personality. In search of a product that would allow me to hone the ability to execute inputs precisely and have less execution errors. Trolling the forums on sites such as SRK and eventhubs I came across eightarc. Having had some experience with Madcatz and Hori products (stick and pad) I asked my fellow stream monsters and fighting game enthusiast what they thought about eightarc in comparison? The answers and opinions I received were merely that, opinions. “It’s a matter of preference” I was told. Still unsure about what I should do I did some more research and watched unboxing’s, video reviews, comparison videos etc. With no hands on experience with the product I was skeptic about my purchase. After thinking it over I decided to give eightarc a go. I have never been more impressed with a product! Everything fit for me the feel, design, and the ability to go from ps3 to x360 or PC with the flip of a switch. I have at this time spent over a year with the product using it every day. I have yet to have a problem with inputs, dead buttons, dead zones, or anything for that matter. I wouldn’t recommend anything else for this reason. If the fighting games you play take you to multiple platforms you have no problem. This is a product that should not be overlooked in any way. Please don’t take my word for it try eightarc yourself! Any of my arcade stick needs for the future will fall on eightarc. My eightarc Ebony Fusion has made me a clear lifetime customer. Thank you eightarc.

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